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About King:
  • Professor at St. Cloud State University more than 25 years
  • Economist consulted by banks and governments on three continents
  • Community board member, United Way of Central Minnesota
  • Former treasurer of his church
  • Songleader in worship music group
  • Married to Barbara, they live in St. Cloud with their daughter
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.   What do you bring to the table?
A.  Practicality. As an economist, I will look at whether an issue makes sense fiscally and whether it is good for the people of the St. Cloud area.

Q.   Specificaly, as an economist, how will that come into play?
A.   We need to start with what's called "zero based budgeting." I will work to ensure that every department is held accountable for each dollar spent. We all need to look at ways we can cut spending, most of all government.I will not vote to raise taxes. In the difficult financial times we are in, raising taxes is the last thing we need to do.

Q.   Education is obviously important to you since you're a college professor, right?
A.  Yes. I believe in local control of education. Parents in partnership with schools and school boards have the responsibility to decide how best to educate our children.

Q.   Why are you running now?
A.   I am concerned about the direction we are headed as a state and as a nation. Making changes to ensure a solid future has to start on the local level. I want to get things done.

Q.   How did you get your first name?
A.   People ask me that all the time! King is my real name. I was named after my grandmother, born Lena King.

Q.   What are your hobbies?
A.   I love being with my family. I enjoy golf and study current events, particularly about the economy. And I enjoy music, singing with a band called Wind of the Spirit.

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