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I value greatly the opinion of the citizens of the district, who have said the following:

"Here is a good family man and consumate professional doing something for the public good, and the good of the public. I trust this guy to make the right decisions."
-- Nathan Eric Hampton, St. Cloud

"My impression is that you will be extraordinarily effective as a legislator. Most government departments have more expertise than the citizen legislators and usually get their way. It will be different with you."
-- Dr. Richard Hill, St. Cloud

"I am so excited to know you are working for the people and I believe in your ideas and ideologies.  We need more people like you!"
-- Neva Anderson, St. Cloud

"Just wanted to let you know that I support your political and economic views 100%. Keep it up King!"
-- Jeff Bucholz, St. Cloud

"Thanks for getting involved in Minnesota politics. We need you!"
-- Dave Funk, St. Cloud

Your track record as an economics professor and as a state legislator have reinforced the thought in my mind what it means to be responsible to the community in a fiscal manner. I truly appreciate this. -- Lucas Knese, Minden Township

"I would like to thank you for your service to the people of St. Cloud and Central MN in the State legislature. The Budget you submitted was right on point. We need to shore in the overspending before MN can move forward." -- Ben Lauzer, St. Cloud

I have also received endorsements from several groups, including the NRA, MCCL, the Chamber of Commerce and others.  A full list is included on my blog.

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